Who we work with

All members of our team are experienced consultants with a wide range of clients across different sectors. We formed the Centre for Facilitation to give us a base for larger and more collaborative projects. These are the main clients we have worked with as a company


  • Aberdeen
  • Cardiff - Case Study
  • Cambridge - Leadership skills and Creativity@Home Spintronics
  • Kings College London
  • Imperial College London
  • Leeds -Transport Studies, Energy Institute and Technology Innovation Case Study
  • Lincoln University
  • Oxford - Mathematics Institute - Case Study Institute of Biomedical Engineering - Case Study ThUNDDAR
  • Sheffield (Creativity@Home Projects with DARE, Brains on Board  Royce@Sheffield and EPSRC Manufacturing Hub: Manufacturing using Advanced Power Processes - MAPP
  • Plymouth - Case Study
  • UCL -Creativity@Home Project and Longitudinal Studies Case Study
  • Queen Mary's University London
  • Warwick University - Case Study
  • York University

Commercial Organisations

  • ABB
  • basware - Case study
  • Blacks Law Firm - Case study
  • British Gas
  • Clarion Law Firm
  • Energy Institute - Case Study
  • Great Western Railways (GWR) - Case Study
  • Knauf - Case study
  • Lynmouth Power/Port of Tyne Bio Mass Project
  • Networks Centre
  • Revolution Events - Case study
  • SRC Transatlantic Limited
  • Volker-Stevin (VBA Collaboration)

Research Councils

Other Public Supported Organisations

  • Innovate UK - Case Study
  • Energy Fellowship -Case Study
  • Energy Systems Catapult
  • Grow MedTech
  • Higher Education Funding Authority
  • JPI Urban Europe- Long Term Collaboration
  • NHS Sussex - Case Study
  • Stoke City Council
  • The Alan Turing Institute - consultation process
  • Validate Network - conference
  • UKERC - UK Energy Research Centre

Third Sector Organisations

  • Back to Front Leeds
  • Clapham North Yorkshire - Neighbourhood Planning - public consultation process
  • ECC (Educational Competencies Consortium - Case Study
  • FORWARD (Foundation for Women's Health and Development)
  • Forum for Discussion about Israel and Palestine (FODIP)
  • Humraaz Women's Refuge - Case Study
  • MWNUK (Muslim Women's Network UK) - Case Study
  • Otley Cycle Club
  • British Pregnancy Advisory Service