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Do people in your organisation struggle to make consensus decisions? Do your meetings often go “round in circles”? Imagine having meetings and events that make real progress on the complex issues that are causing so much conflict in your organisation. 

Simple changes in your processes for meetings and events will make a massive difference. Read our tips and learn how three different organisations benefited from making small changes to the way they ran their meetings. View our practical work in the ECC, Energy Institute  and Retrofit Case Studies

“You took time to really understand our objectives for the meeting, challenged us to think about our outcomes and offered a range of tools for the team to use to explore the issues, achieve the goals and get involved. The meeting was fun!”

Make Your Meetings Result in Positive Action!

People often do not share what they are really thinking in meetings. They observe silently and then sabotage the outcome. This means nothing happens! This leaves everyone frustrated, delays your projects and is time that could have been better spent. Using Process Facilitation will make a significant improvement

What do our facilitators do?

  • Plan the meeting/event, offering structured and varied approaches to achieve results
  • Manage different emotions and styles of participants
  • Provide direction and use tools to move the process forward
  • Keep to time and summarise the action points

"Working as a team when located remotely is one of our challenges, we need to all pull together so we can achieve our organisational and personal aspirations for our work"

Read about how we helped the team at ECC to get focused on their shared goals

"This was an opportunity for the team to step back from our immediate commitments and to critically reflect on our achievements and future challenges in a constructive and supportive environment".

 Read about how we helped  Retrofit 2050 Team to critically review project progress.

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