Networking Conferences


Do you have an important large scale event (30 - 150 people) where you want to influence, inform or consult others? It could be a sales conference, an important update, a strategy consultation or any event where you want to see a return on your investment

Our clients come to us because they know that there are times when a series of Powerpoint presentations just won't make the impact that they want. The Mapp Team based at the University of Sheffield wanted to bring together 50 academic and industrial partners  to develop deeper networks and understanding of the project work. By working with us from the early days of their event we helped them to shape it so that everyone was engaged throughout. You can read more about the experience here.

The workshop has been instrumental in terms of developing our relationships with industry partners - we have a deeper understanding of how they want to work with us and some new ideas for collaborative projects. Dr Richard France, Mapp

We now run virtual workshops and conferences. You can read about our successful collaboration with JPI Urban Europe to create a partipatory consultation on sustainable urban development here

Purposeful Networking

Many people feel anxious when asked to just "circulate and network" so we provide structures that make this networking feel more comfortable and natural. We tend to use groups of no more than 5 people, to maximise participant comfort and contribution. The groups are regularly changed to make sure that  different viewpoints are explored.

Moderating Large Events

We are skilled at moderating large group sessions so instead of having one key note speaker you can get engagement from everyone.

  • Fireside Chats - moderated sessions with a speaker answering questions submitted online by the audience - the most popular questions are selected by our moderator.
  • Expert Witness Sessions - small dialogue groups with a range of experts to explore their insights on the topic
  • Silent Witness - the experts observe a group tackle a problem and then support the next step in the development of the thinking
  • Reflective Thinking and Writing - working with others to reflectively develop personal and group thinking
  • World Cafe - a well known technique which creates an informal space for dialogue to be developed
  • Open Forum Sessions - encouraging participants to generate the ideas they would like to explore in more depth

Developing Collaborative Projects

Large scale events are an ideal opportunity to bring together potential project team members and start developing projects between people who are not usually physically located near each other. A funding agency wanted to improve the quality of collaborative projects by encouraging them to develop their ideas before submitting proposals for funding. We organised a two day event for 90 people to support their process.

We can run events with our team of facilitators from half day to a week and for groups from 10 to 80. Contact us to talk informally about your ideas, we will generate a written proposal for you with no obligation to buy our services.

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