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What does a facilitator do?

A good facilitator will make group meetings and events purposeful, well-structured and keep to time. The facilitator will create a relaxed atmosphere that will encourage everyone to want to participate in the discussions and activities.

What is distinctive about a facilitator?

There are lots of different uses to the word facilitator, and sometimes the role gets confused with other similar roles.:

  • Facilitators use tools and processes to help all voices be heard and to support groups to decide what action they want to take
  • Trainers deliver content so that you get the knowledge, skills and behaviours so need
  • Consultants give advice and recommendations so that groups achieve results

Centre for Facilitation's expertise is in facilitating events that get you talking to other people and working out what you want to do and the best way to do this. We create a level playing field so whatever your skill, background or experience you can talk to others easily about what needs to be done, sharing ideas and making some brilliant plans. Read a recent example of our inclusive approach

  • We also offer consultancy if your organisation wants to develop better ways of engaging with people
  • We facilitate focus group, consultations or can conduct evaluations of your service delivery.

What type of events do you run?

We run meetings, conferences, away days, project meetings, innovation events, and a range of other events where you want to consult and engage with internal or external stakeholders.

Where are you based?

We have virtual offices all over the UK and where possible we will link our clients to their local facilitator.

Do you work outside the UK?

We work globally in person and virtually. We have a successful track record in supporting global collaborations to happen across different time zones

What organisations/backgrounds can you work with?

We take time at the beginning of any project to get to know your organisation and understand more about the way you work. This helps us use the right language and methods for your culture. This means that we are not restricted to any particular sector. We seek to "get what you are about" before we start the project. We do not believe in one size fits all, we make sure that what we do is right for you

How many facilitators do you need for an event?

Honestly...it depends! Usually for less than 16 people one facilitator will be enough. Groups between 16 and 30 will usually need two facilitators. However sometimes a group will merit more than the standard number of facilitators if

  • the area to explore is complex
  • you want us to give detailed feedback/keep notes
  • there are complex team dynamics to manage
  • you need us to be very flexible in the planning and running of the event

If you have other questions then please do contact us