Developing Strategies


For some organisations the uncertainty in the world is tripping them into "organisational paralysis" as one CEO commented to us:‘The threat of a relatively blank page is that others will fill the space’

Now is the time to produce strategies and plans that lead to action and navigate round the uncertainties. The route to action and successful outcomes is always best done with the involvement of all the people that are going to be impacted by the strategies and plans. A process that works well for this is the Theory of Change, you can see an example of this in our work with FORWARD

“you got us to really think about our strategy and we were all engaged in the discussions. It’s a great start to our projects and a pleasure, as always, to work with you” Naana Otoo-Oyortey, Executive Director FORWARD

Another tool we use is Scenario Planning workshops. We ran a workshop in 2015 to explore the unexpected thought that Britain would vote for Brexit. Who knew the outcome then!

Encourage the sharing of hopes and fears amongst members of the team by using a Round Table Discussions

Create an openness to new ideas and possibilities and use this like Humraaz did to explore new ways of approaching their existing work in their strategy event

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Case Study - Strategy for Retrofit 2050 Team

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Case Study - ThUNDDAR Network Day

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