Sandrine Soubes

Dr Sandrine Soubes is an energetic and innovative facilitator  with extensive experience of research and research environments.

Sandrine creates convivial spaces for groups and teams to boldly explore possibilities for collaborating with authenticity and transparency. Sandrine brings creativity in her approach to ease conversations for groups who may feel they have not much in common. She creates thinking processes so that challenges can be addressed through agile ways of thinking.

Sandrine is committed to facilitate group events and discussions that enable all voices and ideas to be heard, valued and impactful. Creating positive work culture means challenging how we come together, as professionals and leaders to offer thinking space for all. More conversations, more openness and honesty in conversations is Sandrine’s motto.

Sandrine has worked as a research scientist in the USA (at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland) and the UK (The University of Sheffield). As a biologist, she has worked on the bacterial cell cycle, the malaria parasite, and early patterning in the developing brain. She expanded her research experience to the social sciences when she undertook a Doctorate in Education studying the research environment.

She has influenced policy and practice changes for researcher development and has instigated many engaging programmes that support the leadership of researchers. She was a founding member and instrumental contributor of the Think Ahead team, which won the 2014 Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding support for early career researchers. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Sandrine is fluent in English and French.