Sandrine Soubes

Dr Sandrine Soubes is an energetic and innovative facilitator with extensive experience of research, research environments and of promoting changes in practices that support a positive research culture.  Sandrine was part of a team which received the 2014 Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding support for early career researchers.  Sandrine creates convivial spaces for groups to boldly explore possibilities for collaborating with authenticity and transparency.  Sandrine brings creativity in her approach to ease conversations for groups who may feel they have little in common.

Facilitation style

  • Enables all voices and ideas to be heard, valued and impactful.
  • Fosters safe spaces that allow openness and honesty in conversations.
  • Stimulates groups to see alternatives and agile ways of thinking.
  • Empowers participants to see themselves as positive actors of change and to build their own leadership competencies.

Sandrine presenting