Richard Vaughan

Richard has facilitated workshops and worked on longer term business strategies and with project teams, supporting them through the project process. He is an expert in Goal Directed Planning and has delivered this systems thinking approach in a range of organisations to achieve results and develop project teams. He is an experienced facilitator in our Innovation Lab methodology and is able to create the right environment for collaborative innovative research to emerge.

Richard is trained in DISC Insights methodology and uses this both with individuals and with teams to support team building and collaboration.

Recent Projects

  • Innovation lab in Poland which generated radical research projects.
  • Workshops with multiple stakeholders on oil and construction industry projects to deliver project plans and establish collaboration.
  • Facilitation of team meetings, both virtually and face to face. The outcomes for the meetings will vary but typically include prioritisation, alignment with organisational goals and collaboration.
  • Supported mediation/negotiation process to resolve a large scale dispute involving up to 20 participants.
  • Strategy sessions for a new pan European engineering consultancy company across five locations and in three countries

Facilitation Style

  • Goal and outcome focused, using structured processes to keep teams on track
  • Business orientated, ensuring a relationship between tasks and organisational goals
  • Down to earth using models and approaches to maximise participation and lead to overall clarity
  • Organised and detail orientated

Richard with a group facilitating