Matt Lane

Matt is a highly-skilled facilitator, trainer and researcher developer.  He has helped over 8000 early career researchers develop the skills- and mind-sets to become leaders in their field and has guided research centres, universities and departments to create and deliver world-leading researcher development programmes and initiatives.  

Recent Projects

Professional Effectiveness for the Gates Trust Scholarship Programme, Cambridge University

Creative Thinking for Entrepreneurs for EnterpriseTECH programme, Judge Business School, Cambridge Univerity

Project Management for the London School of Economics

Design and delivery of a 5 year Research Development Programme for the Danish Diabetes Academy


Facilitation Style


  • Approachable - Matt "gets" researchers and the research process and participants feel they can share concerns with him
  • Problem Solving - supports people to find their own solutions to problems by using processes that will encourage resourcefulness, innovation and resilience
  • Inspiring - leaves an impression on others after the event

"Matt facilitated a workshop that brought together specialists from different fields: the outcome was focused and easy to move forward with. Matt has a way of working with groups where he encourages discussion and observes, then, when he thinks the discussion has fulfilled its aim, he steps in and works his magic"

Stine Birk, Project Manager, Aarhus University

Matt with Group