Lucy Brownsdon

Lucy has almost exclusively spent her career working as a workshop, meeting, and conference facilitator.  Roles included project management, process focused facilitation and team/group behaviour focused facilitation.  Lucy’s current work dovetails all three areas of expertise.  She specialises in co-design of workshops working with clients on shaping the events.  Interdisciplinary/ cross functional facilitation and cross-cultural communication is what Lucy is passionate about, seeing strangers or dysfunctional groups start collaborating and achieving results is what energises her.

Facilitation style:

  • Enjoys leading complex workshops with multiple stakeholders with the stamina to facilitate events over multiple days.
  • A thorough planner always well organised and prepared.
  • Enjoys working under pressure and dealing with unexpected events that occurs during events.
  • Balances the need to achieve event outcomes with the need for workshops to be engaging for all participating.