Liz Barlow

Liz has a supportive and encouraging facilitation style. She seeks to listen, absorb and work with groups to find a way forward from complex and challenging situations.

She is particularly experienced at working with professional groups to challenge and stretch them to generate pragmatic solutions.

Recent Projects

  • Facilitation of an innovation lab for a diverse range of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to respond to a stakeholder's request for new innovative solutions. This was an adaptation of the existing 5 day format into a virtual setting using digital platforms.
  • Facilitation of virtual focus groups sessions to explore the lessons learned by data science throughout the Covid19 Pandemic
  • Large scale facilitation events with teams at Leeds University on topics including Carbon Capture and Storage, Energy and Integrated Transport Systems
  • Facilitation between decision-making stakeholders involved in a new rail station project to agree go/no go on project.
  • Large scale facilitation events to develop strategy with senior leadership team of a civil engineering company
  • Facilitation of Sustainable Nutrition funding proposal workshop - a joint initiative between Newcastle University and 11 industrial partners
  • Design and facilitation of public consultation/focus groups for the Medical Research Council
  • Design and facilitation of a joint workshop between industry and University partners to explore the use of Robotics and Drones in the mining industry

Facilitation Style

  • Collaborative - working in large project teams, listening and engaging with others
  • Respected - bring a gravitas to her approach with groups, sharing depth of experience
  • Pragmatic - focused on real time solutions to problems
  • Involving - listens and encourages deeper dialogue in groups


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