Christine Bell

Christine is an energetic project leader creating facilitation processes that maximise engagement. She is used to working with senior professionals including academics, engineers and lawyers. She is a creative, focused and innovative facilitator who creates an engaging and supportive environment so that groups can generate new ideas and approaches to tackle problems. Christine works collaboratively with our clients to bring their vision to life.

Christine is an expert in co-design working collaboratively to bring your project to life.

Christine works on global collaborations and is highly skilled at creating virtual communities of practice using our digital platforms.  You can read about her experiences of responding to the shift to virtual facilitation on our blog

Facilitation Style

  • Engaging - encouraging participation from all group members
  • Visually Expressive - using metaphors and visuals to explore challenging problems
  • Creative and Innovative - generating new ways of making the virtual become collaboratively beneficial
  • Focused on Results - real time solutions and ambitiously realistic goals!
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