Annekatrin Madlung

Annekatrin is a people-focused facilitator and business mentor with 25+ years of experience, mainly in the Civil Society Sector with small organisations and teams and on a large global scale.  She is passionate about helping organisations and teams navigate complex situations and unlock their potential for growth, development, stability, and resilience.  As a champion of continuous learning and improvement, Annekatrin’s sense of what could be enables her to weave energy, joy, and creativity into her work, opening safe spaces for dialogue, discovery, collaboration, and co-creation.  Annekatrin is fluent in English and German.

Facilitation Style:

  • Human-centred: Discovering what your people and organisation need to thrive.
  • Collaborative: Co-creating workable solutions for effectiveness and success. 
  • Practical - Helping you to embed practical, sustainable change in your team and organisation.
  • Fun - using  playful tools and visuals to support dialogue, ideation and learning.

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