Participative Change

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Making change work

Once you have decided change is needed it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the scope  and the challenge of making that change happen. This can mean either nothing happens or you just get on with implementation but without ways to make these changes easily and successfully. Avoid falling into a state of paralysis, or starting the programme without the means to manage change smoothly and successfully .

We have two options to make your changes work

Change Specialist

Project management and change management complement each other to achieve success.  Using one of our specialist change facilitators to support the human dynamic side of change means the project manager can focus on strategy for the project. The project manager can make sure that the project runs smoothly and to plan. They can drive the project towards the achievement of project goals and monitor the project plan  ensuring the smooth running of the project  and achievement of the project goals. Our change facilitator works alongside the project team, engaging with stakeholders at all level to support the communication about the project.

Meeting Facilitator

A facilitated, rather than a chaired meeting enhances productivity and energy.  The project manager can step aside from leading the meeting to fully participate in the meetings.  They can contribute actively to the discussions and leave us to keep it to time, sort out conflicts or bring the discussion back to the main focus.

The Challenges

There are three key challenges when delivering a successful change programme

Create a climate for change

  • Build the energy
  • Form a strong guiding team
  • Produce a vision for change and a robust project plan

Engage and enable all stakeholders

  • Attain buy in
  • Gather stakeholders opinions
  • Participate in problem solving/innovation workshops

Implement and sustain the change

  • Communicate during implementation
  • Monitor and respond quickly to problems
  • Celebrate to mark completion

If you are going to undertake a change programme and you will want to ensure your project is a success. You will want to gain the real benefit and payback from the changes and enhance your reputation as a successful change agent. 

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