Nigel Chapman

Nigel is a skilled, experienced and approachable business facilitator, He has a great track record of achievement in organisation development, people development, business change project delivery and business improvement. He is frequently engaged at the launch stage of business improvement and/or organisation change projects and programmes, building and developing the skills and knowledge of people to enable them to achieve results and to continue improving performance.

Recent Projects

  • Facilitated a 5 Day Sandpit Innovative Research Event for the EPSRC on Water, Energy and Food Nexus. 3 innovative research projects successfully secured research funding.
  • Facilitated a series of events involving academics, industry and government representatives to outline the future research needs within the UK Energy Sector.
  • Bringing project stakeholders together with project delivery team to build a shared understanding and an agreed programme.
  • Facilitated a series of strategic advanced technology workshops for the rail industry to help embed new technology into current practices.
  • Process re-engineering exercises, including Financial processes, Lean Manufacturing and Lean Construction helping participants to look for innovative ways of finding better ways to do things.
  • Facilitation Style
  • Pragmatic - focused on real world solutions
  • Persistent - tackling the challenging questions
  • Output Orientated-focus on implementation
  • Supportive - working with individuals and their needs