Mary Robson

Mary brings to the team a wealth of creative and expressive facilitation practice. Her work encourages participants to find a common language and so is particularly beneficial when working with multi-disciplinary groups.

Recent Projects

  • Innovation event to general practical research projects to tackle the challenges of long term care for our aging population
  • Project learning review with a group of innovation projects to share lessons learnt and identify opportunities for collaboration
  • Hearing the Voice – as the creative facilitator in this ambitious, interdisciplinary research project based at Durham University Mary is building a collaborative community amongst the research team.
  • Facilitation of consensus workshops for deliverers and stakeholders of a regional arts in health programme.

Facilitation Style

  • Collaborative - bringing together people from different "worlds" to work together
  • Visually Expressive - a real world class creative thinker
  • Supportive - encourages all group members to get involved
  • Clarity of Purpose - focused on the overall objective