Large Scale Facilitation


Involving facilitators in your large events including conferences and sales events will make sure that:

  • it runs to time
  • everyone gets involved
  • something happens as a result

We provide a refreshing alternative to "Death by Powerpoint" and can work with your subject experts and senior leaders so that content can be provided in a lively and engaging way. This is then combined with various facilitated activities which will engage and enthuse your team.

Some techniques we use are:

  • Appreciative Inquiry - focusing on what is working and how to make more use of your strengths
  • Expert Salon - areas of expertise that participants can visit to develop their knowledge
  • Metaphor and Image Work - creating a shared understanding of a problem and identifying ways to communicate the issues clearly
  • Reflective Thinking and Writing - working with others to reflectively develop personal and group thinking
  • World Cafe - a well known technique which creates an informal space for dialogue to be developed

We can run events with our team of facilitators from half day to a week and for groups from 10 to 80

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