Focus Groups


If you are going to consult with the public, your employees or wider stakeholders you want to be sure that all the views are captured. Sometimes only the loudest voices get heard in consultation sessions. This can result in decisions being made which have little buy in from everyone and sometimes are misguided. You can avoid this by using more engaging, participative methods for consultations and focus groups.

“The use of small breakout groups, post its, smiley stickers, posters and other visual aids, kept the participants engaged and interested, which meant we received informal and beneficial feedback”

UK Life Study

By getting to understand what you want to find out we will then design some interesting questions for participants to discuss. This will get people thinking individually as well as discussing their views in a group.

“The feedback we received from your team was comprehensive and detailed. It provided us with a simple overview and also more indepth information so we could fully understand where the conclusions had been drawn from”
Life Study Team UK

Individual and group opinions are captured in a variety of ways which are then converted into both Qualitative and Quantitative data. We share this information with you in a report summary format so that you can then use the data from the consultation to shape your decisions.

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