About us


Listening to What You Want

We listen carefully to what you want the result of an event or workshop to be. We will design, deliver and adapt our interventions for your needs so that you get the outcome you were hoping for.

Engaging Everyone

We believe that there are no difficult people, only poor process and so we will create an environment where people feel valued, engaged and respected.Their trust in us means they can get on with their work knowing they are in safe hands.

Diversity and Internationalism

We work with international organisations both in the UK and abroad. Our team have facilitated in many different countries including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Norway and Ukraine. We are mindful of different cultures and wider global issues.


We encourage others to be innovative and our own practice is built on innovation. We devise new techniques all the time so that our events are not just the usual "brainstorm, flipchart, feedback". We work with you to decide the techniques which will best achieve your outcome and we keep our thinking fresh.

Social Responsibility/Environment

We recognise that we are part of a wider environment so we undertake pro-bono activities to support voluntary and charitable organisations and  we act responsibly when we travel and attempt to impose the least carbon footprint that we can.